Camp Disappear

One day kowhai went on a trip to a camp. We were going to stay for one week. Once we got there we got divided into groups I was with Riley, jack and Ollee. One night passed and one child disappeared. First we thought it was nothing but it kept on going me and Riley were only left in our group camp was freaking out so me and Riley decided to look for them.We were in the woods then suddenly Riley was pulled under ground I sprinted as fast as I could but the nothing's were still catching up finally I reached camp I ran into my cabin but there they were the nothing's were staring straight at me I screamed and grabbed the nearest thing by me it turned out to be a human arm I dropped it and ran away I wanted to do something PS find every one but most of all I wanted to go home.I went back into the woods but now prepared I bought a spear I made and a torch. I was scared stiff and had goose bumps crawling up me I saw a nothing so I jumped behind a looked like it was guarding something or someone I thought to myself I might have hit the jackpot but the nothing had weapons so I would have to sneak past it but then a heard a voice a human voice it said "hello" I turned around to see a little boy looking at me I said hello who are you he said his name was James he asked if I new what the nothing was I said it was a evil Monster I didn't ad the part how they were killing human because he was like 6 he said “I woke up and there was no one there”.i asked if he had any thing useful on him but he didn't. So I walked back to camp the nothing’s were still there I saw a boy getting ripped apart and ate. Sweat was forming and I was still freaking out I grabbed my spear and with guts I ran and stabbed the nothing It let out a wail then dropped dead. The boy was mangled up so I looked away but the wail alarmed the rest of the nothing's I was surrounded they closed up on me but then RILEY came with a chainsaw I sighed in relief and Riley killed one then two then the rest left. I thanked Riley so much but I saw he was scared to me and Riley went back to our cabin and slept I woke at 6:am and woke Riley up I showed him the place I saw the nothing guarding. We grabbed our stuff and left...I showed him the place and the nothing was still guarding it. Riley started his chainsaw and I lifted my spear I through my spear then Riley charged with his chainsaw. Goo spluttered everywhere I was shocked. We unlocked the door and headed in, it was damp and dark with blood sprayed on the walls I heard a high pitched scream I stopped stiff then started walking again. It started getting light there were fire let torches on the walls and marking's draw with blood. Riley and I were scared stiff and hungry I asked if he had any food but he didn't I was starving,cold and scared the worst combination. Me and Riley were still walking down the stairs it was getting brighter and brighter soon we could see clearly we heard a sound of metal clanging I was tempted to yell out but I new that that would get us killed we heard more blood curdling screams saw a dead body lying on the ground I saw lots actually I was scared. Then Riley turned on me he was reaving his chainsaw I new what happened zombies were crawling along the ground without heads,arm and legs I screamed this was the end zombies were cornering me from every direction then all of a sudden I heard a loud noise the zombies all crawled away . I was saved but not yet the loud noise turned out to be the King nothing. Now I was terrified it was probably the end, I shouldn't have came here this is the worst camp ever I was doomed then a long sledge knocked my head I dyed

Hi my name is jack and I am normal average boy causing misteff all the time thinking of new pranks to do to people when my parents said at the table when we were eating dinner that we were going to hotel lovely vania. I didn't like the sound of that but I agreed to because if I didn't my sister would hate me for not going with her and she would cry and believe me her crying is even worse then me playing pranks.Anyway when we got there it looked like a haunted mansion and I was pretty sure that it was one. Hi i’m jack and i’m just an ordinary boy that’s always up to mischief and playing pranks. One day my family and I were sitting at the table eating dinner when my parents said that we were going on holiday to hotel lovely vania. That didn’t really appeal to me but I still agreed to go. When we got there it looked like a haunted mansion. Then I said to mum that I didn’t think it was the right place, but of course she made us all go in. We went in but as soon as I walked in, the doors slammed shut but my family didn’t make it through the door. The man at counter asked me how can I help you and turned his chair to me. He was a giant blood sucking vampire,then he said that my time has come. Then I ran as fast as I could up the stairs and went into one of the rooms that wasn’t locked then I heard quite but creepy footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly there was a loud BANG, I think that was it was a door banging open right next to me. He walked into the room searching for signs of a little 10 year old boy. Then he said in a deep voice come here little boy! Then he started walking straight towards me in the in the dark wardrobe. He grabbed my top and pulled me out and said that he would eat my body for dinner then take my eyeballs out for seconds and for desert he said he was going to suck my marrow. Then I will let rot into bones and add you to my collection. I was about to get eaten when I woke up to the sound of my mum saying get out of bed you're gonna be late for school.. It was only a dream but it was still a scary one.